From pets to friends to family and to loved ones, the meaning of a kiss is a symbolic and a reminder to share a bit of love with those closest to you. Celebrated on July 6th and originating in the United Kingdom, International Kissing Day is the unofficial reminder to let special people in your life know you’re thinking about them. Underground Music is a record shop in Kelowna and they are no stranger to music celebrating kissing . Here are 6 songs to celebrate with.

Kiss from a Rose by Seal

A 1994 blues classic, Kiss from a Rose by Seal likens a kiss to a soft touch of a rose pedal. Soft tunes are a fan-favorite for bringing the feel-good mood and Seal’s easy melody is both memorable and perfect for a backdrop during dinner.

Kiss Me Quick by Elvis

With lyrics like ‘Kiss me quick, while we still have this feeling - Hold me close and never let me go’ it’s hard not to mention Elvis Presley’s feel-good tune. Simple, soothing, and fun, this song is a go-to for cruising the highway with the top down.

Kiss me Baby by The Beach Boys

Bringing it back to a softer note, the Beach Boys sing Kiss me Baby accompanied by light pianos and a simple drum beat. Enjoy the combined notes of The Beach Boys while resting pool-side with your International Kissing Day partner.

Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

A tearjerker, Eddie Vedder sings a song about a losing his love and sharing a final kiss together. While not necessarily a happy song, it’s a stark reminder to never let yourself forget what matters most to you We can’t all relate to losing someone the way the song describes, but we can all appreciate the feeling of having someone we miss when they’re gone.

Kiss Me Honey Honey by Shirley Bassey

Flirty without being explicit, Kiss Me Honey Honey is a friendly tune from 1958 that can apply to those who’ve been together for 20 years or who’ve just met. Shirley’s voice is as clear as a bell and is guaranteed to lighten the mood.

Give Me Your Kisses by Louis Armstrong

Known widely for It’s a Wonderful World. Louis Armstrong produced this short but catchy song. Combined with Louis Armstrong’s unique voice and a slow-blues instrumental, you’ll be sure to snag a kiss from your loved one before the song is over!

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International Kissing Day is about the symbolism of a kiss as much as it is about who you’re spending time with. Let International Kissing Day be a time where we remember when times are great, and when times are tough, and share a few moments with those you care about. To find these great tracks and more, visit the Underground Music Online Shop!